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CA International Successfully Completed Technical Inspection of the Oil Repository of Channel Energy (Poti) Limited – Georgia

April 29, 2017

Inspection Body – CA International conducted periodic technical inspection of the oil and oil product repository belonging to Petrocas Energy Group subsidiary, Channel Energy (Poti) Limited – Georgia, which is one of the largest oil repositories in Georgia with 2 millions of tons of annual traffic. This was a first ever inspection of this kind conducted by an accredited third party conformity assessment body in Georgia’s history. Inspection was conducted in accordance with Product Safety and Free Movement Code (Article 18), adopted in September 2016.


The total volume of reservoir parks of the repository is 117 000 cubic meters and it was constructed in accordance with the API 650 Standard. Technological and fire safety systems of the repository conform with modern requirements and appropriate ISO standards. Staff are trained systematically, while technological operations are being constantly monitored and the territory is under video surveillance.

“We believe that the assessment of quality of operation and safety compliance of oil repositories located in Georgia is crucial and the law specifically requires an annual inspection. I am proud that CA International had an opportunity to conduct this type of inspection which represents a significant step for Georgia toward conformance with international and European standards of safety. The management team of Channel Energy (Poti) Limited – Georgia is committed to safety and quality control which reflected positively on the outcome of inspection,” stated Sandro Shelia, General Director of CA International.

Givi Katchiuri, the Manager of Poti Oil Repository stated, that, ,,Channel Energy (Poti) Limited – Georgia” is one of  the largest white oil product repositories in Georgia.  Environmental and Quality Management Systems as well as Labor and Health Management in our company are certified to appropriate ISO standards. Therefore, continuous improvement of technical competence and theoretical and practical experience of our staff, as well as environmental protection are paid great attention in our everyday life.“

“We are honored that our company is the first one to have undergone technical inspection in accordance with the new regulations and demonstrated conformance with all requirements. These types of inspections are critical for us so that we are confident that the company is moving in the right direction and complies with the law,” added Mr. Katchiuri.

Based on the satisfactory outcome of the inspection, the oil repository was issued a certificate of inspection by CA International.

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